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About Us

Pet Cremations is a family owned and operated animal cremation service, catering to private pet owners and veterinary professionals. We understand things can happen at anytime or day and that is why Pet Cremations Ltd provides pick up, delivery, and pet cremation services 7 days a week, by appointment.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing exceptional service which is honest, caring and ethical. Our commitment to you is that we promise to treat pets with the dignity and respect they deserve, as we meet a growing need for proper animal after-life care.


The founder of Pet Cremations Ltd got the inspiration for the business about 25 years ago after he had "Tripper", one of his own pet dogs, cremated at a local facility. He received the ashes back in a nondescript ‘specimen type’ jar. He described the experience as most impersonal and far from satisfying, but mostly, it was undignified for Tripper. "I just saw more things that could have been done that did not take up a lot of time or cost", recalls Gary. This so-called, ‘cremains presentation’ was just not right. After a bit of deep thought he emerged with this ever so elegant wrapped cardboard box with a red ribbon tie. Still something was missing... a Red Rose! That red rose is now part of the Pet Cremations identity. Other pet owners learned of this by word of mouth and the kind and compassionate service offered by Pet Cremations Ltd.

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